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is where a social media influencers come to learn how to master their craft!

This podcast teaches the want-to-be influencer, how to become a full-time influencer; and the full-time influencer, how to become a millionaire influencer capable of inspiring the masses.

Featuring guest interviews from some of the top influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. With each episode these influencers share their journey from the bottom to the top, along with tips, strategies & actionable steps other influencers can take right now to achieve similar results.

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About me and my podcast

I created this podcast because some other social media influencers were too selfish to do so! I'm kidding, but there's actually some truth to it...

After I went months looking for a good podcast or course to learn more about growing as an Instagram influencer, I quickly realized that not too many like to share their secrets.

But as for me, I'm going to share everything I've learned as an Influencer & also find the best of the best influencer entrepreneurs to uncover all the secrets to success as a social media influencer... You're welcome! 🙂

iTunes Reviews

Just Subscribed!

Hi energy and very informative with terrific guests and great topics. You will learn a ton.

by Wingnut4772 from United States

Coach Krista

Great podcast with info on social media and being an influencer. Real, Raw and informative!!

by Krista Mashore from United States

Great energy!

I love the energy of Lance. His excitement brings out the best in his guests. Lots of great information presented with every show!

by Allmenow from United States

Great Guests

Lance has the best guests with a wealth of advice. Love his interview vibe and how he also injects his own personal tidbits. Looking forward to more episodes! xx, M

by Savvynista from United States


Good listen for anyone trying to learn and come up in the entrepreneur/social media influencer world. Dropping knowledge on a variety of different topics that are applicable in today’s world and have more relevancy than ever before !!

by b rad G from the rock from United States

Success overload!

Everyone needs and extra push or motivation on a bad day. This podcast is motivational EVERYDAY. Expand your mind- expand your growth. Never can you go wrong by listening to this podcast!

by C.DLG from United States

Success Tips

I believe there are so many people who envy the “blogger life,” because of the freedom and flexibility it comes with and along with the envy comes the question of “how?” This podcast gives you all the wisdom bombs and knowledge in order to build your own influence which is why I’m an avid listener! In a world where people are timid in sharing their secrets to success, Lance creates a platform to give others the power. Thank you!

by clarissajohnson_ from United States

Gimme More

I am fairly new to the space so I’ve been looking for genuine help and advice to grow my influence. Tons of good information and lance definitely seems like someone that’s trying to help - unlike all the others trying to sell you something.

by Deenomax from United States

Awesome content!

Perfect for anyone working to grow their social media following and personal brand. I’ll def be sharing this with my influencer friends!

by elmckay12 from United States

I feel like a champion

Man, Lance really brings it as a champion influencer. After just listening to the first few episodes, he’s delivered tons of value and I’m working on ways to put these tips into action.

by TheReal_IG from United States