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My Name is Lance Johnson & I'm the Host of The Champion Influencer Podcast


If you're looking to learn the secrets of how to grow your social media influence & earn a full-time income from some of the top influencers, then you came to the right place!

As an influencer myself, I've always wanted to connect with other influencers to hear their story on how they got to where they are today & what strategies they used to get there.

Now that I have started to make a decent income from my influence online I wanted to take it to the next level and help other influencers turn their passion into a full-time income!


My background

In 2016, I began working to grow my Instagram following in an effort to become an influencer in men's fashion space. It's almost been three years and I have been able to create a nice monthly income from partnering with brands such as Adidas, JCPenney, Fossil, Express, and Bumble to name a few.


My mission

My goal is to bring social media influencers, big and small, together to share knowledge and inspire one another. Starting out my journey as an influencer and even today I wished at times that I could pick the minds & learn from other successful influencers the knowledge I needed to grow my influence when I felt stuck or simply didn't know how.


What to expect from The Champion Influencer Podcast

The podcast will be launching on March 4th with 10 new podcast episodes

  • Publishes at 9 am Eastern every Monday & Wednesday
  • Segments include
    • Top Influencer growth Strategy
    • Biggest mistakes to avoid
    • Best Advise
  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found

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