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007: He Went From Zero Social Media Followers To Over 500K In 5 Years | Jeremy Jocabowitz

Jeremy Jacobowitz has almost a decade of media experience, having first worked in sports television, and then transitioning from Bobby Flay’s assistant on set, to Food TV producing for networks like Food Network, Cooking Channel, FYI and more!

Jeremy has also moved in front of the camera, hosting not only for Brunch Boys, but for outlets like Thrillist and Seamless/Grub Hub, along with other TV and online project in the works. He’s grown nearly 500k followers across social media and is known as one of the top influencers out there today!

What you’ll learn:

  •  The true commitment it takes to grow a mega-successful Instagram influencer account
  • Strategies that will help you grow your social media influence to the point where you can monetize it.
  • How to post more consistently on social media & increase engagement to earn more.
  • The most effective way to approach and work with brands to build a successful personal brand

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About the author, Lance

The host of the Champion Influencer podcast & known as a social media influencer on the rise with over 34k followers. Lance Johnson is an entrepreneur, family man, and Influencer with a passion to educate & inspire others.

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